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Monday, June 17, 2013
This year my good friend Rainbow007 (Becky) joined me for the week and I was pleased to be able to spend the time with her. We have been friends for more than 20 years, riding street bikes, snowmobiles, bicycles, dirt bikes and now dual sport motorcycles together. Sheís much better at all of it than I am but I still have fun with it.


Our plan was to spend the day geocaching and see where chasing them would take us. First stop:

Bingo, we found the cache right off.

I like to leave lady bugs in the caches I find.

Nice looking old church. Say a quick prayer with lots of thanks.

Across the street from the church is this fun coffee shop that we had to check out.

The list of geocaches we were using I created two or three years ago so I didnít know if all the caches were still active. There was a cache at the coffee shop when I created the list and we were looking for the cache but didnít find it. Later I checked the website and I see the cache is no longer there. It was OK though because there are all sorts of fun things to look at.

The outhouse is even fun.

We had to play with the blue banana

Rainbow thought she was going to get a picture of me.

But I was obnoxious and took a picture of her taking a picture of me.

I had one of these when I was a kid. I didnít have a bicycle but I had a tractor.

We didnít find a cache so it was time to move on.

The next cache was here

Rainbow hot on the trail of a wild geocache

Found it

Making notes in my caching notebook. The top one was at the coffee shop that is no more. Then avoiding tires was in my GPS but not in my notebook.

Rainbow decorated her bikeÖÖ.OK, it was funny at the time, now just lame.

Thereís a nice round barn out there.

We were on our way to the next cache and this one was going to be more of a challenge. There was a wide spot to park our bikes right at the bridge on Summerville Rd and the hwy. Across the hwy we spotted this.

It was on the way to where the GPS was sending us to find the cache, up the hill. As we walked to the cross we saw windshield glass and it was clear the cross was for someone that had died here in an auto accident but how on earth did the vehicle get there? It was a ways up from the road. We took a closer look.

I googled the name and date to see if I could find out anything about this person but my googlefoo wasnít cooperating and I didnít find anything. Things left at the memorial included a beer can. I wondered if the accident was alcohol related and if so a beer can wouldnít be very appropriate. Well not in my mind but then people that enjoy their beer really enjoy it. The guy must have liked elephants too.

Itís possible the vehicle was coming off this hill and the driver fell asleep and didnít stop at the bottom. Or it was winter and the hill was icy and the vehicle didnít stop. Thereís our bikes down there in the shade of the tree, you have to look real hard to see them.

We are headed up there.

To this tree

It took me a while to drag my fat behind up there but I made it. Rainbow had no problem getting up there she just sprinted on up like a limber gazelle. She already found the cache and checking out the contents before I even got close.

Now it was time to head back down. Ahhhhhh crap, thatís steep and slick.

No problem, I know how to get down. The nice thing about wearing riding gear while hiking and geocaching itís no big deal when you slide down a hill on your butt. It was easier going up than it was coming down until I gave up and just decided to use the hill as a slide.

Summerville Rd. sounded inviting and looking at the GPS we could see there is a town called Summerville. We had no choice we had to go find out what is in Summerville.

Summerville, OR. Itís nice to know there is gas here. Too bad we didnít gas up.

Not far from Summerville we found the Dry Creek School

It looked like someone started working on restoring it then walked away from their project.

The little shed off to the side had all these flattened Tab cans on the floor. Itís been a long time since Iíve seen those pink cans. Tab was my favorite way back when.

From there we headed to Tollgate, OR figuring on getting gas and having lunch.

They are closed on Mondays so no gas. I was fine with plenty of gas but Rainbow's tank is small so we needed to be aware of where we headed next. We had a couple ideas from there but didnít know if they were good routes or if the roads were open so we opted for the shorter one. Before we did that we made ourselves at home on the bench in from of the store and had our lunch.

We were then off to go find a firetower and there it is up on the mountain.

We got about 1 Ĺ mile from it and found a locked gate. Oh well the ride was fun anyway.

Even being on the highway is a nice ride.

In Elgin we stopped for this micro cache

Yep, I carry tiny lady bug buttons to put in tiny caches.

In Minam we crawled into the bushes and retrieved a cache.

We rode a couple miles of gravel to Minam State Park thinking it might be a little used park but at the park things were paved and it was much busier than expected. It was a nice little side trip though following the river.

Back at camp we went up to the teepee skeleton on the hill and enjoyed listening to the bird sing, and watched the sunset while overlooking Brian and Margaretís kingdom.

The next installment might have more riding and less geocaching. I have discovered a pattern of mine, I start off fast and furious with the caches and each day they are less and less.

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