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Originally Posted by speedmonkey7 View Post
Oh that's too bad it went that way there. I haven't been there in years, but they treated me well back in the day on parts for my MX bikes. I also searched most of California CL and Nevada for an engine and didn't see anything.
Truth be told ... I've not been in person in years either. You hear occasional "tales" but most of my riding buddies don't bother with them now ... as most can afford to buy new parts and good bikes.

But Rancho do perform a service and for many, it works out OK. But some ... not so much. Things like welded frames and swing arms ... and welded up motor mounts, poorly straightened forks are things NOOB riders may miss ... and sometimes are not fully disclosed. Most of the bikes I've seen at Rancho are "Salvage Title" bikes. But they DO have lots of good parts.
Hopefully some KLR stuff ... but I doubt it as they are very much sport bike
focused. ($$$$$$)

My suspicion is they do a brisk business buying up stolen pristine sport bike body work (and other untraceable parts) ... which the police don't track much. New body work on crashed GSXR can hide a lot.
This is just my opinion ... and I have NOTHING against Salvage yards ...other than 2 of my own bikes ended up there! (I was fully insured)
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