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Originally Posted by SoilSampleDave View Post
Thanks - I already went back and thought about it and decided they left it a little rough at the bottom on purpose so the bolt would stay put when you put the nut on the bottom. I chased an old bolt through it first to make sure the threads didn't get too buggered up for the nut to go on easily and it was fine. So, after that, I have it put back together and now I have another little dilemma. I went with the high (2-1/2) lower clamp. The top of the number plate headlight hits the bare plastic parts at the bottom of the front two indicating lights. I can't attach the rubber bands without smashing the lights. I want to eventually add an LED headlight, and I know either Baja Designs or Advmonster has spacers (or maybe they both do) and I am wondering if I could just buy the spacer for now. Otherwise, I think I will have to punt and put the computer back in its original spot.
I ran a tap thru the holes you are talking about.

I used some long wire ties around the forks and thru the holes in the number plate where the rubber things should be when I had the stock headlight in there with the HDB stuff at first. I bought a Baja Designs LED headlight which included the spacers you are talking about. That worked out better. It is not a bad idea as the stock headlight sucks big time. That Baja Designs LED is awesome!

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