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Cool2 Where did you send the paperwork?

Originally Posted by ProBassFromPA View Post
The plate came 2 days later on 06-24-13!

Had her on the road for maybe 5 minutes and the clutch cable broke! Ordered a cable from Moto Italia and it arrived that Saturday 06-29.

Got in a much longer ride with the new clutch cable including getting her up to highway speed which was very different feeling than the big twin shovelhead I'm used to!

Got close to home and she started to die on me. I thought I was low on gas and switched to reserve and that seemed to be it. Went and filled the tank and rode a little more and she started to die again.

I'll start simple with the filters on either end of the fuel line. On my way to get some Berryman B-12 Chemtool at the auto parts store.


I have a scooter which I bought it at an auction but I lost my paperwork which came with it.

Where do I need to send the VT paperwork to? Which DMV as there are several listed on the website?

Please let me know ASAP! Thank you soo much!
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