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Traffic jam on the wildlife loop in Custer State park. There was about 300 of them in all. Rangers said this was one of the larger herds that roam around the area.

image by jasonspangler, on Flickr
We saw very few buffalo in the park. I'm sure they're around, but they weren't around us. I was just as happy.

Last fall we went to Montana and stopped at the National Bison Range, south of Polson. They have a nice road you can drive around the hills and see the bison, except that they won't let you in on a motorcycle. I remember what the lady said when I asked why. "They are stupid, ornery and short-tempered. They are also very big and very fast and if one took a mind to charge you, you would have no chance to get away. You would get hurt." It registered.

While we were in Yellowstone, we were (I was) annoyed by idiot tourists who were stopped in the middle of the road taking photographs. Gimme a break! A couple of times it was to let bison pass, singly or as a group. At one point, we came around a sharp corner and there was a herd of these idiots parked across the road, taking pictures of a solitary bull wandering down the centerline of the road, between them and us. The buffalo continued slowly down the road, maybe ten feet away. I was more nervous than him, I'm sure, and acutely conscious of how puny I was compared to him. Large animals and motorcycles are never a good combination.

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