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Originally Posted by duck View Post
Only Dracula's "coffins" are shaped like that. Most coffins are rectangular in shape.

How do you know those 71 kids weren't zombies?
Addressing your FIRST question; what shape do folk recognise as being intended as a coffin-shape . . . . box or double taper?

Don't see Dracula in that photo!

Undertaker Rob Evans with one of the oversized coffins. Picture by Simon Rogers.
This coffin is made for bigger people in the UK; not Dracula:

Too fat for cremation

FAT people in Worcester are having to be cremated outside the city because the crematorium furnace is not big enough to cope.
Undertakers are having to take bodies to Bristol and Redditch to be cremated.
The problem has arisen because Astwood Road crematorium is too narrow for the super-sized coffins used for bigger people.
More than 400 councils across the country have been told by the Local Government Association to provide bigger furnaces to deal with fatter people.
Rob Evans, manager of Bedwardine Funeral Service, St John's, Worcester, said: "We have had to send some to Redditch or Bristol, where they have bigger crematoriums.
Addressing your SECOND question; Are you saying that YOU actually think Zombies exist outside written fiction and the movies?
There would be few prepared to say that one shouldn't be concerned about any listing of children killed by gunshot because they were probably only Zombie Children anyway!
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