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Originally Posted by BMacW650 View Post
I was going to do that yesterday, but it started raining.

It's actually quite easy for me to do, because I have a spare lithium battery.
Obviously the brightness comparison would be fairer if the alternator is not running, so the volts are about the same, but I guess I am more interested in the shape of the beam anyway.
I found my Morimoto projector puts too much light near the bike for my liking for highway use (though not as badly as the HID-in-OEM reflector setup I changed from). This is something that car drivers would not notice so much, typically having a hood that shields their eyes from this glare, but from my point of view the idea of a projector is to put light only where you want it and not waste lumens, and the glare doesnt help night vision, especially above that sharp cutoff. Yes, I am hard to please!
This light spill might be okay for offroad use where seeing close to the bike while standing would be an advantage, but I havent night-offroaded this current setup yet and I figure I would be using my Rigids in that situation -while they throw a lot of light down the road, they also spill onto the foreground just because that is what LEDs do.
Sorry for the partial hijack...just trying to give you a sense of where my thought train runs and why I decided to go to a projector - they are the ONLY way to go for good lighting IMHO. Nothing ticks me off more on a night ride than having someone who doesnt dip, or has badly adjusted headlights, and I dont want to inflict that on anyone else
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