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Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
Obviously the brightness comparison would be fairer if the alternator is not running, so the volts are about the same, but I guess I am more interested in the shape of the beam anyway.
I found my Morimoto projector puts too much light near the bike for my liking for highway use (though not as badly as the HID-in-OEM reflector setup I changed from). This is something that car drivers would not notice so much, typically having a hood that shields their eyes from this glare, but from my point of view the idea of a projector is to put light only where you want it and not waste lumens, and the glare doesnt help night vision, especially above that sharp cutoff. Yes, I am hard to please!
This light spill might be okay for offroad use where seeing close to the bike while standing would be an advantage, but I havent night-offroaded this current setup yet and I figure I would be using my Rigids in that situation -while they throw a lot of light down the road, they also spill onto the foreground just because that is what LEDs do.
Sorry for the partial hijack...just trying to give you a sense of where my thought train runs and why I decided to go to a projector - they are the ONLY way to go for good lighting IMHO. Nothing ticks me off more on a night ride than having someone who doesnt dip, or has badly adjusted headlights, and I dont want to inflict that on anyone else
The cut off on the 90mm is OKAY, it's way better on the 60mm projector. But both are way better than any reflector style lamp especially with the HID conversion.

I will take some picture tonight.

Here is a picture of my 60mm projector. Beam angle is not adjusted, but you get the idea of the quality of the light.
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