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Ghosttown Bound & Down-

Originally Posted by jeepinbanditrider View Post
I'm plotting the route there now. This is a rough draft.
Well done! I like it.

Whens the earliest us San Diego folks can leave on Wednesday? The route I have is about 560 miles. I say we rendezvous in Esco at sun up.

I can quickly adjust as needed if this is too long. My alternate is to take the 15 all the way to Baker which should save some time. There are no dirt roads, other than the last leg into Gold Point, on the outbound route. I figure we would get enough dirt time there. Again I can add a few short stretches if need be.
Either or I'm game.

Edit- Corrected for fuel stops Basecamp says 584 miles. We might be able to figure in one MORE fuel stop on the way depends on condition but the 4 fuel stops I have calculated in are playing it safe 170 or under. One fuel stop is less than 100 miles from the last but gas stations seem to be lacking out in the desert.
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