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Corporate Downsized - Screw it, I'm doing the TranLab

Alright, I head into work after a long weekend at the Outer Banks. Check my email and there's a meeting request from my manager. No big deal, happens all the time. Walk in the room, 10 other people and the HR manager are looking glum.

Most of you know whats next. Typical speech, business is down, blah, blah. Pack up your stuff and get out.

5 minutes later, I'm in the car headed home. Call the wife since she's on spring break with the kids - no don't come home, I'm just going to have a couple beers in celebration and go riding for the next couple days.

So what to do? We've got money saved up, since this isn't the first this has happened. With only two weeks vacation time, its hard to plan any type of decent trip.

What to do???

Luckily, I had just signed up for a track day at VIR in a couple weeks. Money's already spent, so better do that. First time on the track, so a big learning curve. Only got chewed out by the instructor once for being stupid.

The Speed triple ROCKS!

So what's next? Work on the resume, get a couple interviews lined up, which leads to the next opportunity for me. But there is no way I'm ready to get back to the grind. So I decide to head north for the Translab before its paved over and all the rivers are dammed.

I left on Memorial Day weekend and spend 2 1/2 weeks riding the Tiger. Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, NS(briefly) and Bay of Fundy. Met some great people, saw some amazing country and then spent another week and a half in Maine with my wife and kids.

Downsized! Hell yeah!

Lunch break is over. More later.
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