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Originally Posted by Mtl_Biker View Post
Based on the glowing reviews here, on June 27th I ordered a batch of these things. I got an order confirmation email from them the same day.

Today's the 16th of July, and I still haven't received them.

I sent the company an email (reply to their order confirmation) on Friday, early in the day and haven't gotten any response from them.

I just called them on the 800 number listed on the order confirmation email and they said they're just an outside sales organization, but that they "would try" to get in touch with the company to see what happened to my order.

Not a lot of money (US$42.85) but geez, they should be more responsive.

Looks like the fellow who started this thread and was so helpful to everyone has moved on elsewhere.


Just reordered a set from Amazon came in a week.
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