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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainbow007, AirheadBruce and I left camp in Enterprise, OR and went for a fun loop ride.

Not far out of Joseph, OR we stopped for a cache.

Our motorcycles waited patiently for us down the road.

Weíre going to follow this road for a bit.

Rainbow007 was behind me taking pictures of me riding down the road. Normally I just have photos of empty roads so it's nice to have photos with a bike in them.

Nice easy road.

I missed a turn and we had to turn around. Neither Rainbow007 or AirheadBruce complained since I told them the first one that did could take the lead.

Thereís the road I wanted.

Typical for me I saw rocks on the road and down came the landing gear. I kept telling those darn feet to stay on the pegs but they chose to come down and tip toe through the rocks. Iíll pretend I didnít hear Becky and Bruce behind me laughing. At least Iím entertaining. No, the rocks werenít worse than they looked in the picture. Iím just that lame.

The feet jumped back up on the pegs where they belong, good feet.

Stopped to check this out.



Neither one of them ran me over.

If there isnít a sign available taking a picture of the GPS will remind me where I was.

Nice little country ride

We found flowers and nice views

Harl firetower at the end of the road.

We ate our lunch at the tower and enjoyed the views while Bruce complained about cramping smile muscles.

From there it was to McGraw Firetower

The ground was covered with wild flowers


A quick stop at the Hells Canyon Overlook

And back to camp we went with big smiles from a good day, with fun riding and great friends.
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