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You sent the supporting documentation to VT proving that you are the legal owner of the vehicle (and you must be! You can't do this to get a title for a stolen vehicle).
VT allows out of state residents to register a vehicle in VT.
Your vehicle is not issued a title in VT because of their requirements of age or displacement.
VT issues you a transferable registration for the vehicle in place of a title and mails it to you in TX where the vehicle is and you reside (perfectly normal in their eyes and not an oversight).
Because the vehicle has a VT transferable registration which acts as proof of ownership for your vehicle according to VT law due to the age and/or displacement, TX will and must accept it and issue an equal proof of ownership. In TX that may be a title. TX can't tell you legal proof of ownership issued by the state of VT does not constitute legal proof of ownership in TX.

Conversely, If you move to VT and hand them a TX title for your scoot, they will not issue you a VT title; they'll give you a transferable registration, because titles don't get issued for your scoot in VT because of the age and/or displacement.

It's weird, tricky, and doesn't make sense, just like every state's DMV or MVC.
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