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Originally Posted by Kirk the Jerk View Post

I replaced my air cut off with a new unit from eBay.

The old one had several pin holes in it. The new spring was not similar in length (shorter) or shape (beehive) so I use the old spring.

I also replaced all the exhaust gaskets, which the mid pipe gasket was just falling apart...

And...I'm still getting a decent amount of decel pop, not loud, but there. I sometimes have to really listen for it with my helmet on and all.

I rode into work this morning, and the bike was running quite weird. It seems like it was misfiring at idle, and then it would idle high, like super high. I'm thinking I may have had the idle screw turned up too high to compensate for the idle, and then something *cough* pulse generator *cough* is causing the idle to drop occasionally, and allow the bike to misfire.

My idea... is the pulse generator. I have a brand new one in my parts box with side cover gasket. I think I'm gonna attack that tonight.

It also seems to just fall on its face at higher speeds. The bike takes off in 1st like I remember, leaving the front end nice and light... But in 4th or 5th, at around 60mph, giving it throttle will just bog the bike down.

It is probably a fried pulse generator.
At nearly 30 years old these bikes need every electrical replaced.
I did it all in one shot. PG, CDI, coil, stator. The bike runs fantastic.
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