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Originally Posted by jonnyc21 View Post
Well I did myself in the other weekend by getting somthing stuck in the fan and didn't know tell I shorted out the fan motor.

Got the parts and put everything back together tonight but had to drain the coolant to do it. Not sure what to put back in the bike... Previous owner had some kind of blue-ish coolant in there I have not seen before.

Recommendations or at least a brand to match what is in there now?

I am in withdrawals and need my fix... Help!!!

Thanks in advance!
Ask Honda?

all you need is 50/50 mix that is formulated for alum engines, from a bike shop I would suggest. I also use a little bit of "racing" water conditioner (used to be called something like "water wetter"). unknown what it is now, though, never paid attention to the bottle.
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