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Originally Posted by Kirk the Jerk View Post
I sure hope so.

I forgot to mention I have a new CDI, coil, stator, and plug boot.

I ordered everything in "one shot" but last time I checked the PG, it tested within spec, but that was like 3 years ago... Even though this thing hasn't ran in nearly 15y ears, it's like the electronics just rot away...

I'm gonna replace it tonight and see how things go. Any tips for the right side cover R&R?

Also... what is the best material used to seal up the airbox boots? Mine look fine, but I'm sure that wouldn't hurt.
Just lay it over to the left so the oil doesnt drain out. The PG is 2 bolts. I use permatex non hardening sealer on everything, boots, grommets etc. It works good.
The heat kills all the electrical parts. Running an oil cooler should extend the life though for the new parts.
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