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An update (of sorts) is in order

Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
Hey Matt. Been out lately?
Hi fella. Yeah the weather has been great but not been on the bike.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Hopefully been enjoying this weather....
See above!

Originally Posted by Gookas View Post
Great thread and stunning pictures! I will be heading over to Scotland in a couple of weeks and your thread has got me psyched to see some of that scenery. Unfortunately, I will be checking it out from a Vauxhall Astra. Oh well, still can't wait. Keep posting pix of your rides.
Thank you very much. You'll still enjoy it. You'd only dislike the car if you'd been round on the bike. Feel free to share a few pics when you're touring.


My bike is in the garage right now getting its MOT and a few things fixed. Leaking forks were leaking oil onto the brakes and I wasn't going out with dodgy brakes. I'll have it back tomorrow just in time for some nice weather and since I haven't been out for a while I will definitely have some catching up to do.

Since an update wouldn't be an update without photos, here we go:

Inmate Platinumgrit dropped in one day to say hello. We grabbed some lunch and swapped stories/righted the world's wrongs. He's a good guy but I'm kinda glad that Cruella was off the road. There's no way I would have been able to keep up with him! Here's his Youtube channel


There's a new arrival in the fleet. Not mine sadly but Bob the Stepdad's. It a gorgeous Kawasaki W800. I kinda hope he ends up hating it so I can snake in and buy it off him on the cheap.


I'm going to cheat here and post a few photos of a trip I took in the car. I spent a week on the remote(ish) island of Luing at my uncle's holiday home. It's lovely up that way and makes me want to move house. Falkirk is so drab in comparison. So with sincere apologies to the site mods and administrators here are some photos I took.



Eilean Dubh Mor:

I don't really like posting pics from car trips but hopefully with the bike back tomorrow that'll be the last time it happens!
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