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MA to CO and Back: The Anti-Adventure Ride

I've been debating about the worthiness of this RR for the past couple weeks and finally decided that it might contain just enough merit to appeal to a reader considering the same journey. It's not like we crossed the Darien Gap or roosted through Africa with Charley Boorman...just 2 middle aged guys with a week to kill and a desire to live a little. The trip was in June and I'm just now getting around to writing about it now. Please keep this in mind as you offer to let me crash on your couch. This is a past tense kinda story.

So, as I imagine is the case for most New Englanders, I spend the long cold winters studying the atlas, reading ride reports, and fantasizing about where I might go once the snow melts. When I'm not researching, I'm fiddling in the garage on my 09 GSA and trying to achieve that perfect balance between ultimate preparedness and morbid motorcycle obesity. I'm an obsessive over-packer and will fixate on the most ridiculously unlikely roadside disasters...until the bike weighs 900 lbs and I'm no longer able to push it around the garage. I had the same tendencies as a Boy Scout - often packing so much in my ruck that I couldn't hoist it to my back without assistance. Clearly I haven't kicked the habit.

By April, I had settled on the notion of riding solo from Massachusetts to San Francisco and back over the course of 11-14 days. I hoped to earn the IB Saddle Sore on the way out with a quick 1015 miles to Davenport, IA on day 1 and then stay with family and friends in Colorado, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco along the way. I picked a few "must see" roads and sites along the way and marked out my route on a giant laminated wall map in my office. I blocked out the time on my calendar and started counting the days.

OK...little bit about may help the context of the story at some point...40 years old...husband...father of 2 (ages 9 and 11) manager for a defense contractor...Army veteran (not the exciting Johnny Rambo kind - more the fixing electronics kind - not nearly as awesome, but proud nonetheless)...amateur machinist, welder, mechanic, adult movie actor, and carpenter...lifelong motorcycle enthusiast (not the scary fast kind or the dress like a pirate kind - more the spending way too much time reading about them in magazines and forums kind)...bald...20lbs overweight...anal retentive...overly talkative...trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Or at least I try...

Back to the longest prologue to a Ride Report in the history of motorcycle forums...

So here I am, I've got a route planned out on the wall, I've got vacation blocked out on the calendar, a supportive wife, and an able motorcycle. I'm ready to roll. Quick note about my awesome wife. She has this amusing notion that seems to be uncommon amongst the wives of my friends. She has this stranmge desire not to be the thing that stands between me and what I want to do in this life. As unlikely as it sounds, she is preoccupied with the idea that at some point in my life, I may look back and say "I really wanted to do _______, but my wife wouldn't let me go." She absolutely doesn't want to be the person that ever hindered my ability to live this life to the fullest measure possible. Crazy...huh? Most of my friends' wives seem to revel in their ability halt a good time before it even gets started. A quick beer after work with the boys or 9 holes of golf on Friday afternoon are strictly verboten - get your a$$ home - you've got chores to do! Poor things...a week on the road, riding a motorcycle, is about as likely as visiting the moon. They are sad creatures.

Coming Soon...The Actual Ride Report

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