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Originally Posted by Mr. Ray View Post
Having never watched MotoGp in any format other than downloaded straight to my hard drive I have to it ruined by an endless string of commercials like AMA when it is broadcast?

No it is awesome. They time the commercials so you miss all the best passes and then the idiot US commentator talks about tons of useless drivel after they cut back to the racing so you miss another minute or so of action. Generally they will also have this awesome pointless 15 minutes at the beginning where they talk about stuff like the color of Horhe Lorentho's underwear while completely ignoring the podium stuff and interviews at the end of the race which are a complete waste of time anyhow. I think that they have it down to a science now so that they only show 20 minutes of the actual race. It gets better every race!

I think of all the people that waste all that cash for the MotoGP package to see the bikes actually race and just laugh. I am hoping next year they get rid of the Brit commentators and bring back Ralph "I'm a clueless D-Bag" Shaheen and Scott "when I get excited you can't understand a single thing I say" Russell. That and at least three Progressive "Flo" commercials every break. Heaven!!!
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