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A little background on my traveling companion...M!ke...early married, but living with his current girlfriend for 6 years (I've offered to get ordained for the ceremony if he ever gets around to it)...stays up late...sleeps late...comes to work late (well, later than me anyways)...leaves early (claims it's for football practice - I think he just goes home to nap)...binge drinks regularly (well, certainly more than my 3 beer limit)...played college football (strong like bull)...coaches high school football (enjoys yelling at meat heads)...little bit sloppy (doesn't use starch when he irons his clothes...might not even iron his clothes)...way too casual (i.e. nearly impossible to get a rise out of him)...completely unprepared for just about everything (yet somehow always comes out on top)...funny as hell (relentless ball-buster)...all around fun guy.

We actually work for 2 competing defense companies...teamed up on the same program in this similar management positions at our respective companies...a relationship primarily based on busting one another's stones on a daily basis. We've been working together for more than 5 years.

We are at way different ends of the spectrum when it comes to anal retentiveness and Type A behavior, but I thought spending a week with him might help me to loosen up and get the stick out of my a$$...a vacation from being me so to speak. I told him that I would try to be more casual during this trip. IN retrospect, I suspect that was a lie.

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