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So, we're still a few weeks away when Mike asks me if I have a packing list. Ha! Do I have a packing list?!? Does the Pope have a crucifix? Hell yeah I have a packing list! I proudly presented him with a copy and he proceeds to laugh for 2 weeks straight. He shows everyone in the office and makes a point of quizzing me each day on the necessity of specific items. (Told you he was a relentless ball-buster)

Day 1: "Could you please provide me with the scenario where we might need waterproof matches? Are we going to be shipwrecked on a desert island? Are we going canoeing with Ned Beatty? Do you have doubts about the efficacy of the lighter that you also listed and packed in a zip lock bag? Aren't we staying in hotels? Why do we need fire anyway? It's going to be mid-June? Are you going to cook and eat me?"

Day 2: "Explain the compass for me. Don't we have a GPS and 2 cell phones with GPS? Don't you have a full sized 2013 road atlas in your box? Are we going to South America? Are we going to traverse the Everglades on foot? Are you going to use it to find an isolated spot to cook and eat me?

Day 3: "What the hell is a pannier?"

This went on for the constant amusement of our coworkers and my wife. I should have just let him pack some socks in a duffle bag and suffer...prick!

He then decided that since I would be bringing all of these items, he could safely pack nothing. I secretly hoped that we'd get separated in the middle of the Everglades and he would die from lack of preparation. It wasn't actually a secret...I told him as much every day.

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