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After a few days of laugh's at the expense of M!ke's new visor, I was really starting to think that this thing might not be much during prolonged highway riding. Sure, I was planning to stay off the highways as much as possible on our way to Florida...riding the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end and taking backroads through South Carolina and Georgia, but what if our plans changed at the last minute due to weather? What if we found ourselves trying to make up some hours by hopping on the super-slab? What if it just rains and rains? Mike's lack of preparedness was keeping me up nights. Have I mentioned that I'm a Type A Obsessive Control Freak Nut Job?

So I was sitting in M!ke's office a couple days before our planned departure and discussing preparations. Once again, I voiced my concerns about the world's lamest windshield. I told Mike that I was going to buy one for his bike, strap it to the back of mine, and then sell it to him at twice the cost in some hotel parking lot 2000 miles from home. At very least, I was adding a big piece of cardboard and some duct tape to my packing list so that we could fab up a windshield on the fly. Of course, that meant printing and laminating more load plans...

At that point, M!ke finally admitted that the little windshield was total shit and did absolutely nothing. After the hour ride to the dealership, he knew he was screwed and opted to order a real windshield from Memphis Shades. It was already mounted on the bike and he was ready to go. He just wasn't planning to tell me until the morning we left. Prick!

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