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My LT ... bought for $5k ... then proceed upgrading electricals , lights , shockies and of course adding a 20 speaker sound system to it . Whilst I have put a few grand into that project ... it was far cheaper than developing a Drug and Alcohol dependency being a 24/7 sole parent in a small country town for nearly two years.

RS was a bargain at $3500 ... and a set of tyres , self service and a top box added ... has seen me well over the past 20 000 km's ( actually I save nearly $3000 riding it to the airport instead of driving the car for work )

R90S ... Well it has always been my dream bike ... paid a tad more than I wanted ... but less than market value ... New 3/4 added which cost more than my lounge room furniture .. but hey ... my kids are jumping all over my bike ( yet ). Its not a concourse bike ... and thats the way it will remain ... because other wise I will fall into that trap of being afraid to ride.

New projects arriving today ... I will have to work out what I am going to do with them.

But regardless of cost .. my bikes are far cheaper than me going into therapy
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