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Day 13/14

Started the Dempster to Inuvik passing the Arctic Circle. This road throws everything at you from hard to soft to lose gravel shale sand you name it it has it, dusty as hell when dry, don't be driving fast when a transport comes by because you won't see anything for 10 seconds or more, and as it gets wetter the dust becomes slip and slide crap and I mean crap, if you can get past all this road can throw at you and start looking at your surroundings its absolute stunning to say the least and worth every moment.

While camping in Dawson another motorcycle rider (John Harris on a V-strom) came in late that night and was looking for a spot to camp, I told him that he could share my spot, and so he did, latter on I fond out he also is going to Inuvik but taking much longer than me so we parted our ways in the morning. I made the trip up to Inuvik in 12 hrs and that includes lunch and scenic stops, so it is doable if you have dry roads. Set-up camp at the Happy Valley in town run camping for only $15 with free showers so not a bad deal, headed to the Arctic information Centre to see if I should stay another day or just take off, this place is great if you want to go hiking into the mosquito invested woods/tundra to scout for wild life, and as much as I like that I didn’t feel much for it, because some other campers had been looking for days with no success so I decide to go back to Dawson, stopping for lunch in Eagle Plains, and just as I'm walking out a man (David Jeffrey on a BMW GS) comes at me and starts talking about my Super Tenere and if I like it (well yes), later on also wondering where I'm heading he offers the use of his satellite phone to confirm the tent space back in Dawson, needless to say no tent space, he hears that and he offers to share his room, isn’t karma great.

Day 15

Currently back at the Camping in Dawson wet muddy and tired drying out because I did ride the last 370km of the Dempster from Eagle plains in the poring rain, or should I say I slid my way back. Fond out from the RCMP that two other riders went down on the Dempster yesterday wrecking there bikes but both riders were luckily not seriously hurt and pulled out in time, he went on to say that the bears hide along the side of the road for cooling and also to wait for a thump that the Caribou make when jumping down from the road so when a biker goes down it makes that same thump and you know what that means yummy meal time, oh oh, also fond out that John did puncture a tire and he decided only to go to the Arctic Circle and back after putting his spare on, maybe will see him again.

Dempster in the rain

Tomorrow over the Top of the World to Whitehorse.

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