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Trying to keep the 640 low fender...

I know I'm late to the 640 party and you "old timers" are sick and tired of hashing around the same old issues...but humor a noob will ya...

I've read all the old threads my eye's can take about the low fender issue...and several times I"ve come across mention of somebody heard of somebody else who raised the front fender 3cm or 1" or so... Here's one. I never have run across someone posting that they actually did the "low fender short lift kit mod".

I'd like to try to keep the low fender...but I need a little education about forks.

The manual of my 05 says the front forks have a travel of 10.5" or 275mm...well 275mm is actually 10 13/16" I'm gonna assume they are more accurate in the metric system and use the 10 13/16" measurement.

I took some measurements with the bike on the centerstand and a jack under the skidplate to get the front wheel in the air.

There is exactly 10 13/16" of stanchion tube hanging out of the upper fork tube.

There is 10 13/16" of clearance between the low fender and the bottom of the lower triple...only 10 9/16" between the fender and the black plastic brake line retainer.

I need to know what acts as the stop for fork travel. I assume there is something internally? There must be something to prevent the upper fork tube from traveling all the way down the stanchion, until the seal and retaining spring bangs into the lower axle clamp mount.

I only have 550 miles on my 640, and that has only included catching some small air over waterbars and stuff...never felt the front bottom out yet...the "dirt line" on the lower stanchion is 1 1/4" off the bottom. I have bottomed the Marzocchis on my GS out...and there is still 1 3/4" of stanchion left.

So I'm wondering if KTM's 275mm figure is a theoretical marketing figure, and the actual, useable fork travel is something less. Does anybody know how much of the stanchion tube is left as "free play" when the forks are bottomed out. I'd like to raise the low fender by that much...hopefully say 3/4"...

Anybody doing winter maintenance, with the forks out and can give me a figure?...what am I not seeing here?
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