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So its 6JUN13, everything is packed, bikes are freshly serviced, and the GPS is programmed with a scenic route from Massachusetts to Key West Florida. My plan is to depart promptly at 6:00AM on 7JUN13. M!ke assures me that he will still be in bed when I arrive at his house that morning.

Now our office has a surprising number of amateur meteorologists...I guess you get that with nerdy engineers who live for launching things into space...and they've been tracking the weather all along our route for weeks. They actually had a large white board with daily weather maps and predictions for just how miserable we were likely to be. Apparently south Florida in June can be hot and sticky. Honestly, these guys were way more excited about this trip than either Mike or I. So, on the morning before departure, someone had plotted a giant map and posted it for all to enjoy along with helpful little notes about high winds, flooding, and riders being crushed by falling trees.

I called my father in Florida and he said that they were expecting a solid week of rain. I checked a bunch of news reports about Tropical Storm Andrea and it looked bleak. By Thursday afternoon, it was time for a command decision. I went to Mike's office and told him to pack a warm jacket and gloves - we're headed west to COlorado.

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