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I actually got my very first bike this way - a neighbor down the street had put an '86 Yamaha Radian out on his curb with the rest of his trash. I saw it riding my bicycle home from school one day, and almost kept riding past because I figured who'd throw out a motorcycle? But I decided to see what the deal was, and the guy was out in his garage cleaning another bike, so I went up and asked him if he was really throwing out the Radian. He said yes, it had been sitting forever and he'd just bought a new Harley (the new bike he was cleaning) and his wife was making him get rid of it. So I pushed it down the street on flat tires, ran back and forth from my parent's house to his a few times grabbing all the parts, and after about 40 minutes of effort and $0 spent, I had a motorcycle!

Hot Damn SloMo, you really do live up to the tag line under your screen name!!!

Cool story.
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