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To his credit, M!ke is quite flexible. He wasn't the least bit peturbed by our change in destination. He hadn't been to either location and wasn't the least bit concerned. His plan, as far as I could tell, was to just follow me and see what happens. Every state line would be a new surprise and he wasn't the least bit troubled by where we might or might not end up. I truly envy this casual approach to life sometimes and, at times, it really made travelling with him enjoyable. His plan, if he ever even considered forming a plan, was to follow me, stop when I stop, eat when I eat, and sleep when I sleep. I even tracked his fuel consumption for him - tracking the 150 miles that his bike could cover between fill-ups and stopping accordingly. He truly seemed to be on vacation while my mind raced every moment like some hopped up cruise director. I even brought him winter gloves and a tank bag to use.

4:30 AM on Friday the 7th and I'm ready to go. Too bad its raining outside. Accuweather isn't telling me anything I want to hear. Tropical Storm Andrea is cranking up the coast and things look bleak. The western end of NY looks fairly clear, but that's 8 hours away and M!ke already complained when I said I would be at his house at 7:00. Nothing to do but pace back and forth and study my packing list for that one critical item I missed...maybe an ice axe or a welding mask will come in handy...I've still got room for a tennis racket...sure, I don't play...but you never know...what if I run into Anna Kournikova in Aspen and she wants me to play...its best to be prepared.

Anyhow, the wife and kids finally wake up and ready to see me off. They were probably looking forward to the break. I suited up in my shiny new official BMW Motorrad rain suit...more commonly referred to by my children and coworkers as my "super suit" (it's important that you only say the words "super suit" using your best Samuel L. Jackson in "Woman, where's my super suit?!")...this phrase was used to death on this trip. So I donned my suit, wrapped my phone and GPS in cheap plastic sandwich bags, and rode out of the garage into the pouring rain. I wouldn't be back for 4300 miles.

Note - waterproof phone and GPS are kinda pricey, but I found that if I wrapped them in a cheap plastic sandwich bag and then clipped them into their holders, they were completely dry and the touch screens still worked perfectly. I brought a dozen or so bags with me and they lasted through the whole trip without incident. You can even push the power plug right through the bag after they are wrapped and you have a real nice seal. I wouldn't dump a bucket of water on them, but from behind the windshield of the GSA, this worked great.

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