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After a rainy 30 minute ride, I arrived at M!ke's house at 6:55...early...anxious to hit the road and head west. Accuweather was promising sunny skies just a few hundred miles down the road, but Andrea was bearing down on us and the outlook was bleak for New England. As you might expect, Mike was not ready. He was still wandering around, looking for his clothes, eating some cold pizza, and waiting for his girlfriend to come down and see him off. Unbeknownst to me, said girlfriend was not happy. It seems that she was not pleased by our change in destination. Apparently Colorado is someplace that she would very much like to see and MIke was now going off to see it without her. When she finally did come down, her displeasure was palpable. This would be a subplot during our entire trip. It was now 7:15 and I was getting irritated by the lack of urgency being displayed. Let's go!!

M!ke finally gets his rain gear on and seems like he's ready to get moving...then he's dorking around with his iPod for an eternity...then I get the first glimpse of a process I would see played out over and over again throughout the trip...M!ke trying to put on his rain over-gloves. It was like watching a 4 year old trying to put on his second mitten. I was running low on patience by this point...standing in the rain for most of this nonsense...and I was ready to go. When M!ke ran into trouble trying to get his Scala headset to work, I nearly lost it and told him to get his a$$ on the bike. He could fix it at a rest area somewhere dry.

Note: If you're taking a road trip, I really can't overstate the value of a good Bluetooth headset. These things were a game changer for me. No more trying to decipher hand gestures for low fuel, "I'm hungry", "We missed a turn", or "There's a gremlin on your wing and William Shatner is freaking the hell out". These things are amazing. I could answer the phone, talk to M!ke, listen to my iPod, listen to local radio, place phone calls, and, had my GPS been so equipped, I could get verbal directions. For someone who talks as much as I do, these things make the trip. I can't be so sure that M!ke was as happy about it. This means that he had to listen to me talk for 12 hours a day. Sometimes we would agree to take a break from talking to listen to our individual music, but my singing would trigger the VOX and kill the music in both our headsets. Usually this would happen when I was belting out my favorite Journey or Led Zeppelin tunes...trying to hit the high notes with Steve and Robert.

Rockin out and suddenly the music stops...

Mike's voice in the headset " What did you do?"


"You were singing again, weren't you?"



"I'm going back to my music"

This conversation repeated for thousands of miles. Sometimes he'd have to listen to me sing Journey's "Lights" for a few minutes before I'd notice that the music had stopped and I was transmitting. Poor Mike.

Here's a picture that his girl begrudgingly took before we hit the road. I'm surprised she didn't cut off our heads. We had to pretend that we weren't happy to be hitting the road. This is our crime fighting pose..."Try to look like a super hero!"

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