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On the topic of rainsuits, I can't really say enough about the BMW suit I bought for this trip. I've never really owned a nice rainsuit before...usually I just stay home if it rains or tough it out if I'm already far from home. However, as I venture further and further from my home, the odds of spending a day or even multiple days riding in the rain have increased exponentially. I wore this suit on multiple days during the trip and I was completely dry at all times. The inside didn't even turn into the Turkish Bath I was accustomed to with low cost PVC or rubber rainsuits I've experimented with in the past. The collar was comfortable, there was no restriction of movement, and it was easy to get on and off. And the color, well, rest assured that I attracted plenty of attention wherever I stopped. Some of the HD pirates seemed to be sneering more than if I was the one who looked ridiculous. And added bonus, now that I'm home, I can take back the night as the Fist of Goodness...running across rooftops and crashing dinner parties.

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