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Lets see, where was I… OK, yes, the call!

Well, it was not a call but rather a message on my cell phone.

My Unadilla teammate was out, injured after falling off his mountain bike. Bad enough so as there was no way he could hang onto a 465 around Unadilla.

The disappointment in his voice came through clearly in his message so I decided not to give him a hard time about it (I coulda killed em ), ah well.

My problem now was that I was on my own. I was concerned about this in case I should fall off and hurt myself. The plan for us to camp at the track was also out the window. I was looking forward to that too given Unadilla's rep as the Woodstock ( see photo from ~1977) of MX, what a bummer.

I shifted over to prepping my own bike but a few days before the big weekend I was close to calling the whole thing off .

But on Wednesday night my luck changed big time. My wife finally got a call from someone willing to cover for her at work (not easy) and she wanted to go !

I booked a hotel in Oneonta that night, thats right, a hotel! The Oneonta Hampton Inn turned out to be a nice place. Clean with a friendly staff (the pit tootsie cares about stuff like that! ).

Anyway, by Friday morning we were loaded up and on our way! Mileage wise, the ride to Unadilla was not much greater than where I used to live on Long Island. Traffic was much easier though with total drive time about 5.5 hours (no tolls either!).

We got there about 2:00pm Friday afternoon. I remember the excitement building as we approached the track. I was looking for the old bank barn on the side of route 8 that marks the track entry. When we pulled in, Led Zeppelin was playing on the track loud speakers .
It was great to be back !

The barn,

I was warned to watch out for these guys…

… but they didn’t seem to be there this year !

Still, turnout was high and there was plenty of other good stuff to see. Let’s have a look around shall we?

One of the most impressive setups had to be the EZ JIMs Team Bull outfit.
The star rider is of course Guy Cooper who at 51 was simply phenomenal.

Here is the Team Bull fleet of Bultaco’s

with trailer that is towed by this restored bus! Thumbs up for pit tootsie too !

I met Ronnie at Irish Valley. Here he is again with his Kawasaki’s

And this is Ronnie’s leg (injured before Unadilla).

There were Maico’s aplenty,

This Bill Eyler / East Coast Maico was raced to victory by Dakota Kessler on Sunday. It was sold after the race, perhaps to one of these gentlemen?

Dakota Kessler raced many classes through the weekend. Here he is on a Honda

Mickey Kessler's Yamaha

Some more photos from walking around the pits

I snapped this picture just before the big smile!

Remember Joe from Irish Valley? He raced the cross country event on Friday.

John also raced the country event on this nice KTM. Said it was muddy and I believe him!

This team came in from Florida

One of several Pentons in attendance,

More Pentons . John and Jack Penton gave out the awards for the cross country event, how cool is that?

more to come!

My '81 YZ465 Factory Race Replica

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