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DAY 2: 05:00 and I'm ready to rock. In the course of 15 minutes, I've knocked out the 3 S's and I'm packing my bags for departure. M!ke is pretending to sleep, but I know there's no way he slept thru the electric razor concert I just held. I'm pretty sure he is well on his way to hating me. The trip won't be a success unless we return to work; unwilling to speak to one another. Our coworkers are counting on it.

Speaking of our coworkers, I had been "checking in" via FaceBook at every stop and posting pictures of our exploits on a regular basis. People back at home were following our progress, sharing with the office, and responding to my posts with as much inappropriate content as possible. I'm sure my mother was thrilled to read such disparaging remarks about her son.

So back to Saturday morning and M!ke pretending to be asleep. It was probably close to 06:00 at this point and he was still playing opossum. I had already dressed and packed; now I was studying the map and Accuweather's forecast for the next day or two. Mike finally started moving and I greeted him with as much innocence as I could muster.

"Oh, you're awake?"

"You're such a dick" was the response.

hahahahahahahahaha...I bet it was the razor

M!ke rallied and pulled his crap together in about half an hour or so...I went off to pack the bike and then came back to nudge him along. Thank God he showers at night or this would have taken forever. He told me about the multiple phone calls he made the night before and how he was planning to come back to the room to watch the Bruins game, but when he arrived, the lights were out and I was dead asleep. He also mentioned something about me snoring like a bear in hibernation. I made a mental note to try the BreatheRight strips the next night; I'm not completely inconsiderate.

We hit the road around 07:00 after breakfast and headed west on I90/I80. Accuweather was predicting bad weather and possible tornados east of Des Moines for Sunday so I made it a goal to get west of Des Moine by the end of Saturday. Right before we left the hotel, I decided to pop a Codeine pill to ease the back pain from the previous day of riding. Day 1 of this trip was the first day of riding for me this year; I had been too busy to get out and make some runs to build a little stamina so I started this trip completely cold. I stalled the bike leaving the parking lot, I tried starting in 3rd gear from a red light, I missed a turn, and I think I nearly rear-ended a car. I heard M!ke's voice in my helmet asking me what the hell was wrong with me. It seemed distant and surreal.

It wasn't until I was rolling down the on-ramp to the Interstate that I realized I had just doped myself before climbing on a motorcycle. DOH! I had to forcibly pull my $hit together and ride out the drugs. Mercifully there was nobody on I-90 at 7:00AM on a Saturday and I had a couple hours to pull my head out of my a$$. Lesson learned.

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