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Originally Posted by Gripsteruser View Post
Somehow this question needs a weighting system to compare high mileage (IronButt) riders or racers to those of us who only come out on sunny days.

(Haven't had a car crash in 40 years of driving even commuting 250k in the last 10 years...... sure have come close a time or two though.)
I agree with your point in theory, but in practice for a simple poll like this it is better to keep it simple. It is just to get a general idea of how accident prone we are here on ADV Rider.

Observation of those around me suggests that a few people are involved in quite a few accidents, while a large number seldom, crash, if ever.

Right now I work at a university where at least 99% of the students and probably half the staff ride motorcycles daily....... and not an ATGATT among them. I see the odd one turn up on campus a bit bandaged up, but not often. However it does tend to be the same few more than once.

there are old motorcyclists and bold motorcyclists
but you seldom meet an old, bold motorcyclist
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