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Thanks for the well wishes guys.

Well its been a week now and the good thing is I'm up and moving by myself. Im not moving freely yet still have pain in my left side of my back and I feel like I have a broom stick stuck up my ass as I walk!!
I have a heat pack on it right now which helps.

I did not get to many pictures on this last trip as we were busy digging out machines. Here are a couple that I did take.

We also had a small fire. We use a machine called a herman nelson that we use to melt out snow from around engine pulleys and for heating up the cab so the electronics work correctly . It works by injecting fuel under pressure past an ignition source. Well what is called the dieso's best friend burst into flames on us. At the time it was blowing 40knots so the wind was helping fuel the fire. I quickly shut it down and turned off the fuel. I managed to save the motor but the jet internals were cactus!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Iceberg ally. We need to be careful driving through this section because of the large icebergs.

It was still dark when I was trying to take these pictures. I had no trypod.

And a couple of night time shots on the plateau. I had a trypod for these ones.

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