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Originally Posted by bPat View Post
A buddy of mine pointed out how to adjust the throttle so it stays on cruise control, it was almost there when I bought it, but he tightened it and now it works perfectly.

Has anyone else had problems with the bmw r100r steering lock, it's a key thingy on the steering column and my key fits find but it only turns half way. I've tried all sorts of jiggling and adjusting the steering but it doesn't seem to want to go all the way, any ideas? I don't want to force it too hard, they key looks a little delicate.
Been some threads recently about people breaking off keys in them.

Theives can defeat them so easily I never use mine. Look in the top tube for the cable lock. Better than nothing for the quick-snatch type situations, and it fits in the top tube. For real security, use a real lock and something that can't be moved. And then tie a big mean dog to it. Or two.

The throttle lock isn't a "cruise control". It's a throttle lock. Using it as a crruise control can have some nasty consequences, like an otherwise avoidable accident followed quickly by a fragged motor. You do not have over RPM protection. This goes for the aftermarket clamp on jobbers too. Bad idea. Not that I haven't done it, like droning across Nebraska on 80. But conditions are rarely so consistent that I'm comfortable with it. I got one of those clip on paddle things. Works mo' bettah. You can't put both hands in your lap but you don't have to do more than drape you hand across the throttle. Easy to adjust speed for the traffic and terrain to hold pace...and when it's easy to do it tends to get done, which again makes for safer riding.

Unscrew the throttle lock past the spring tension and it goes bye-bye and you get to buy another, and a spring. It also wears out a bit faster using it as a cruise control.
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