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Originally Posted by Marc LaDue View Post
I think you're getting better Jeff!

I'm sitting here on the computer in our local cancer center's lobby waiting for my wife to get off of work laughing my you-know-what off. You rank right up there with Vermin (google him some time if you're not familiar), and Mike has no idea how lucky he is. I too tend towards the anal, so much so in fact that I drug along a spare clutch, rear shock, chain, tires, tubes, handlebars, etc. the past two years on our TAT exploits. Not for me, mind you, but rather my fellow "Oscars" who were too lazy or clueless (not to mention happy-go-lucky) to care. They, like Michael however, were enjoying their vacation, while I was fretting about whatever needed fretting over.
Anyway, keep up the good work, it's much appreciated. If you should write a book I want an autographed copy!

I brought numerous items specifically for Mike. The main one was the siphon and hose. It would be quite a challenge for me to outlast the fuel tank on the GSA - I think its good for 300+ miles. Mike's bike runs out anywhere between 120 and 160 miles depending on how fast we're going. This put the pressure on me to make sure he didn't run out. At some point, I think Nebraska, we were about 100 miles into a tank and there was a sign that said "no fuel for 60 miles". We had to double back and fill up or we would have been siphoning gas on the roadside. Mike was blissfully unaware of any impending issue when I told him that we were going back to fill up. In this pairing, riding the GSA is like carrying a jerry can with 5 gallons of spare fuel.
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