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Originally Posted by Guano11 View Post
Don't add alcohol.

Not saying "never, ever" -- but not just yet. Alcohol always increases risk, and a Noob has enough risk factors to mitigate already. No need to add one voluntarily.

Regardless of what your relationship with alcohol is, don't mix it with riding.
I would add.. Don't ride hung-over.. That got me once on light rain.. Trying to escape the girls house before the walk of shame! Anyhow over the years I have learned that you should not ride when you are not 100% able to devote your attention to the ride! Worried, depressed, stressed, angy.. or Late! Your emptional state can be just as detremental as alcohol or drugs! First take a few minutes to calm down, regain your focus, or decide not to think about it and then ride!
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