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I can't remember how many miles it had, but it was probably around 15,000? Not a lot in my opinion.

Yes, change the chain and the tensioner if your timing has slipped. Before you order parts, pull the right side cover off and check the gear on the crankshaft.

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Yeah, I remember that post – at which mileage did that happen? My Nixie started to rattle softly at 70.000km – I changed the tensioner, but to no avail, the rattle continued. At about 98.000 km the rattle became so unpleasant that I tried massout’s tensioner fix – and the rattling was gone. It must have been shortly before that I noticed a lack of power for the first time. I credited the high mileage, but as it turns out now, it could have been the timing of the cams. As soon as I got a new cam chain I can tell if full power is regained.
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