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Day 3

Remember that movie when the killer arctic frost settles over North America?
Well one of those woke me from a dead sleep right before dawn. I was shivering so hard that I had to grit my teeth shut so I wouldn't bite my tongue. I bundled up and piled my gear on top of my sleeping bag, ignored my unhappy bladder and went back to sleep. I decided to sleep in late as I didn't want to run any risk of black ice. Left camp after a pretty good omelet and finally arrived at Crater Lake.

What an amazing color of blue.

This is the volcano tip sticking up inside the lake.

Plenty of signs sternly warning of getting too close to the edge and falling to your death. Ignored those and sat at one.

I have a policy of kicking large rocks out of the road. From large pebbles to fist sized rocks. I've pulled over a few times in my life to pick something ridiculous out of the road like a 2x4. I ride to enjoy a scenic ride and I know that day and route will see plenty of other riders so I'm just looking out for my fellow rider. As I wound my way along the crater on the West side, I came around a rather sharp blind turn and saw a fist sized rock that had tumbled down from the cliffs above. I promptly aimed my boot and kicked it off the road and just about twisted my foot right off. Forgot, I was wearing street boots. I almost always ride with off road boots and for those of you who do, know that you could kick just about anything and not feel it. Boy did I feel like an idiot later in Eugene with ice packs on my foot.

But the universe was kind and I found this place halfway to Eugene for lunch.

139 North >97 North >58 West.

I knew it was my kind of place when this sign was on the front door.

And discovered how delicious Broasted chicken was

I decided to circle into Eugene to visit with Danny. I rode with him the prior year in Europe for a month. Dad, helped me find this cute hostel near the university where it was safe to park the bike outside.

My room was bunked with abnormally low beds (this would seem to be a theme on the trip and I bumped my head way more times than I care to admit) but I was smart about this time. I stuffed my teddy bear under the slats above my pillow so when I did get up in the night, I hit something soft first.

After most of the swelling went down, Danny came by to see the bike and say hi.

Had a great night of sleep and met Danny for breakfast the next morning. It was shortly after that I realized I didn't have my Spot tracker on my arm.

Thus began the unpleasant calls to spot to warn them to ignore any 911 and tell me if they could turn it on remotely because I wasn't getting a signal. Turns out I dropped it at the hostel and a benevolent soul picked it up and put it on a high shelf where no one would ever find it. Except I did, when I went back and did my best sherlock holmes....

I did have, quite possibly, one of the best espresso drinks ever at the Glenwood Cafe so go there for breakfast if you ever pass through Eugene.

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