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Back at Motel 666, all I wanted to do was crash for the night. I already knew that the room wouldn't stand up to any sort of smelled of angst and desperation...the towels were thin and yellowed...the carpet had a wet spot...and the bedspread had been used during the production of a scat film. I stripped back the covers to take a look at the sheets before getting into bed...

hairs that do not belong to me...check
little black flecks that may or may not have been bed bugs...check
blood stain...check
weird water stain that looks like Jesus...check
moth holes...check

Mike was cracking up. He committed to stripping his entire bed and sleeping in his rain suit. He mistakenly pulled a sheet a little too far and caught sight of the mattress...HOLY CRAP! There were so many stains on the was almost comical. I'm absolutely sure that at least one baby had been born on that mattress and at least 2 more people had died. I cranked up the AC and snuggled up with my filthy pillows. We laughed and laughed. Mike was absolutely sure he wouldn't sleep one minute of the night. I was out cold inside of 5 minutes.

Thunderstorms and high winds throughout the night...checked on the bikes issues.

I woke bright and early...well rested and recharged...I layed there for a while...not even remotely cognizant of where I was...blankets and bedspread wrapped around me like swaddling clothes...that filthy bedspread wrapped around my face like I was starring in a fabric softener commercial...

After a few minutes, I remembered the horrors of the previous evening and jumped out of bed. Mike was still out cold so I commenced to getting ready. Oddly enough, he started to stir right around the time that I turned on the electric razor...LOL...he'll hate me today for sure.

A continental breakfast wasn't in the cards at this place so we agreed to get ready, hit the road, and look for a restaurant somewhere to the west. We geared up and headed out into the grey morning. Once outside, we saw something that wasn't there the night before...a mattress lying in the parking lot. Now considering the horrors the mattressws in our room had seen in their 30 years of service, I can't even begin to imagine what type of event would cause one to actually be thrown out of this establishment, but here it was. I assume there was a murder last night and the bottom of it is covered in blood and had been out in the rain for was probably clean enough to be reinstalled in a room now...maybe this is the cleaning process...we stood before it...pondering the possibilities...considering the frailty of life...dying to know the backstory. That's when I offered up today's first challenge...

That Mike...he's no coward.
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