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Worst Bike Lending Experience?

What's your worst experience lending someone your motorcycle?

My dad was my hero when I was a kid. He rode an 91 Yamaha xj or xs 1100 in black chrome and gold. He almost died in traffic and gave it up so he could provide for our family. He didn't ride for a long time.

Well I had a period where I let him ride my Suzuki Marauder and he did well on that.

Then today i got him to ride my 2012 KLR 650. It's got 5k miles on it. He's 62 years old. Drove to the end of the driveway and dumped it on some gravel, I think he locked the back brake up.

I've got crash bars, skid plate, panniers/racks, so it's a very droppable bike. I ran over stopped him from trying to pick it up and got it back up for him, brushed it off and didn't mention it to my mom.

He rode it for about 20 minutes around some local roads, seemed to have fun but prefers cruisers.

If he dropped my Suzuki chrome covered cruiser I'd have been upset. I would have bit my tongue, cause it's my dad but I love having a droppable bike.

I'm sure there's some horror stories from all you folks lending bikes to dodgy f"riders" so how bad did your bike get it?
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