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Originally Posted by IgoFar View Post
This may be the coming trend. I was reading an interview of Circuit of the Americas ( the new road in course Austin,Tx. ) general manager. They asked him what other series would he like to bring to the facility? He said, AMA road racing would be nice, maybe IMSA, NASCAR, etc. But he said, he would really like to bring motocross there.

I think these people look at Supercross and think that if they have a state of the art racing facility that they can draw 50,000 people to a race. I think they're wrong for this reason. The monster trucks can sell out the Astrodome with 60,000 spectators. But if you moved that same event to an outdoor setting, in the heat, rain or any other adverse conditions, it wouldn't draw 10,000 people. I think supercross and motocross have two different fan bases. One wants a comfy armchair were all of the action is upclose with 100% visibility and drinks and popcorn just a few short steps away. The other doesn't mind the elements, He doesn't mind hiking around the track checking out different sections. He doesn't mind being tired and dirty at the end of the day. The motocross fan is probably more likely to drive for hours to attend an event. He is the core of the sport! But, I could be wrong.
Ok, couldn't let this be said of me.
I've been to many nice comfy SX races over the years but haven't been to an outdoor national in 30 years.
Been to a lot of local MX in those 30 years.
I was at the Circuit of the Americas for the Grand Prix of the Americas (MotoGP).

So I have tickets in my hand to Washougal tomorrow, sitting in a nearby motel room just waiting for the sun to come up!

I'm gonna be there in person tomorrow!

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