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Replaced the front wheel bearings today. I couldn't for the life of me get a good enough edge of my 'punch' onto the inside race of the bearing. I ended up welding a blob with the old mig onto the bearing & it came out easily with a few taps.

I froze the new bearings & heated up the hub. Someone in another thread once referred to alloy as the best heat sink known to man. I have to agree. My heat gun was putting out over 200 deg & after about 3-4 mins the inside of the hub was still only around 60deg. I swear the other side of the hub was getting hotter
Anyway the 1st side went on OK & the second side the bearing half fell into the hole. Buttoned up & all good.
It's quite amazing really, with the brake calipers not touching the disc the wheel when moved spun around & around for minutes without stopping. I was mesmerised.

I went for a quick test ride & loved that feeling of freedom. Even did some Blitz motorcycles weaving along the road.
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