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We had been following the graded roads which are OK.. but ideally it would be nice to ride along the river though the villages

If you had been belting along here.. A surprise is install..

(Dodgy crossing on the map)
We stopped and had a look.. The entire thing moved when you stepped on it.
Not built for 130kg bike and 80 / 110kg Farangs..

My more cautious side kicked in and said.. Lets go back.. Would be nice to keep following this trail.. but.. If it is a dead end as we expect.
That means we have to cross back over this bridge.. providing it doesn't collapse in our first effort to get over..

Back to the wider graded road and still interesting sights to see and interact with the locals.

If you look closely at the first person.. You can see a big smile.

Stunning views of village life and the Boolaven Plateau.

(Dead Track on the Map)

We continue on and the road runs out.. literally comes to a stop.
There is a ferry crossing for people and bikes. We want to try and go dirt all the way as much as possible.
So take a narrow muddy track that should lead us to a track that is on the GPS and maps we have..

We managed to get a little lost back and forth until we got on the right track

Some nice riding through here..

At about this time.. The HTM started getting real sick.. James pulls over and decides to go back to the creek and cool the bike down.
I am sure we have gone past the trail. While James is cooling down the HTM I go back and look for the trail.
On the third ride by.. I spot it. unused track and ride in. Soon to come to a bunch of trees across the track.

Hmmmm. No other tracks to get us to Sekong on the GPS or Maps..
Pretty sure the other tracks we had been following will lead us around here. I venture on while the HTM is cooling down

You could see it had been a mud bath further on.. Go back to see how James is getting along.

HTM still very sick..
We decide not to risk it as we have no map and don't want to get stuck in the bush with a broken bike and better to limp back to the village at the ferry.

Eventually make it back.. James thinks he picked up some bad fuel from the gas station in Paam.. It was a brand new station.
Just goes to show.. Those smaller places selling out the drum can be more reliable.

Looks like this is a new or upgraded ferry crossing.. Sponsored by the German Gov't..

Concrete all the way down both sides of the river.

Waiting my turn.

Kids playing slippery dip with the banks of the river.

Time for the Bangkok Weekend Warrior.

Son learning the family business.


Ride a little further on dirt and it takes us to the main paved road up to Sekong.
We pop out about 1 or 2 km before the road that goes up to Paksong.

Amazed at the progress again.. When I first rode this 3 plus year ago.. It was a trail mostly.
Then two years ago getting dug up..
1 year ago and not much trail left, mostly all road works.

Now it is being paved...

Up to Sekong with a stop off at the river to look at the waterfall.

Check in at the GH near the ferry terminal.

Head up to the place Rex and I stayed last time as the tucker is real good..

Next destination Saravan.
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