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Sekong to Saravan the long way round.

Rex showed me this route a year and a half back

The first long bit before the village turn off seems to be busier and not so nice this time around
We passed a lot of logging trucks :-(

There were still a few nice snaps to be had along the way.

Toll bridge ready when the water rises.

Make it to the village turn off and James needs to refuel..

We spot this little girl walking up the road taking shelter from the sun

Next a really fanastic ride down the trail to Saravan.. Really is pretty.
Also the most mud and water we had faced yet.. A REAL mud bath earlier

We stop here and really can't see any easy way around

James goes first.. So I can take pictures ;-)

I pull up further down as close as I can and try and find a better line.. There isn't one..

Just about to take off and wish for the best.. When a lady in the rice fields yells out and gets my attention..
Go back 100 150 metres and there is a track that takes you through the village and out the other side.

Pretty happy about that..

Next a couple of bridges to cross..

The next bridge

Last time with Rex

A lot more mud before we reach the next river crossing


Last time with Rex

The next crossing just before Saravan rex and I rode last time

This time the river is too high

Last time with Rex

Over the bridge and in to Saravan for another ripper feed

Then up to Tad Lo Lodge.. My favourite resort in this area.

Sundowner beers

Sent Rex a few Whatsapp pics.. Told him the next beer was for him

Next ride to the border and back to Thailand, but first we must cross the mighty Mekong.
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