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I took a picture yesterday of the rear tread after about 1700 miles. I'll try to get it posted today.

As far as me liking the tire, I do and I don't. It is far quieter than the Tractionator since it's softer, but when I look at it it LOOKS like it wears way faster. I have no complaints about traction, but I've only had it out in the dry. I handles the commuting speeds I do around here with no problems, and the one time I had it on dirt/gravel it performed admirably.

Not sure what the difference in feel would be for the 150 vs the 140.

For $100, I'd buy it again, but so far this summer I haven't had too much time to really enjoy it anywhere but on the tarmac. For that I'll be moving to a more street orientated tire. For the price, and until the Anakee Wild is available, this would be my go to tire unless I knew I was going to do an absolute ton of off road, then I'd go the Tractionator.
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