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Probably for the guy back in '73 in Ireland it was me. I was working as a 'petrol pump attendant' for the summer. Aged 13, I had never been on a motorbike. One of the mechanics in the shop had a Honda 50 and asked me if I wanted to try it when I asked him was it hard to ride. As I rode a bicycle everywhere he was not totally na´ve and I was just to ride it around the parking lot of the place.
Could not believe the sense of freedom that short ride gave me - it was then I got hooked - as I swanned around the gravel surface at probably no more than 20mph.
Then an idiot mechanic thought it would be fun to jump out in front of me with arms held wide out to the sides....
I grabbed the brakes hard and went down. I had a few bruises but the windshield and fairings on the bike were I cracked, scratched and broken. Being on a pittance wage and seeing as it was not my fault anyway I flat out refused to pay for any damage despite a campaign of intimidation and some physical shoving and punching for the following five or six weeks I spent there.
Met the guy about ten years later and he instantly started whining about how I 'broke' his Honda 50 - I simply asked him if he wanted to try hitting me again over it....he wisely declined. : )
Irish John
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