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Originally Posted by bemiiten View Post
We came across these guys on the WABDR last year. The rider had punched a hole in the valve cover. I'm sure his buddies would have been thrilled to make the 4 hour round trip to bring him back some oil.

I didn't realize we were talking about riding in remote off road locations! OBVIOUSLY that changes things, better carry at least three quarts in that case.

As for mixing oil, who cares? Oils are designed to mix with no bad effects.

IF this keeps you up nights, carry all you want, but experience from road riding in the civilized world leads me to recommend against it!

From the OP:

Originally Posted by 1Gopokes1 View Post
I am planning a trip up to Cody Wyo and want to carry some spare oil to top up 2001 GS. I don't want to carry a partial Qt bottle of oil in my panniers. Is there holder that goes on the outside of panniers to hold an oil can??????????

The OP lives in CO, pretty likely he is not doing the TAT to get to Cody!

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