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I was in high school and decided to sell my KX125. Guy I knew from school said he wanted to buy it. He asked to test ride it. There was a field next to where I lived where they were getting ready to build a new high school and had been moving dirt around into different levels of land. These made for really great jumps if you knew what you were doing. As he rode off on my bike, I quickly realized that he did not have the skills that he had bragged he had. I watched as he came to the top of one of these sloped jumps, as if he was going to ride down it, at the last second he panicked and slammed on the front brake. I watched as he cart wheeled with the bike down the slope. He pushed the bike back to me where I noticed both the brand new brake and clutch levers were broken off and the new plastic was all scratched to hell. He handed me the bike and said, "I don't think I'm interested." When it became evident that he was not going to pay for the damage he did, I tried intimidation tactics but it never worked out. Finally, I just had to chalk it up to a lesson learned.
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