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Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
Kevin, If you haven't you need to play along at some of the Cross Country events. For your entry fee you get a lot more riding in and it warms you up for the MX events. Generally the CC courses are not that technical for an experianced rider like you and the big YZ's seem do do well even in the tighter stuff. When the terrain opens up folks will give you plenty of room when that 465 starts a rockin'

Hi Pete,

Yes, I agree about the riding time.

As you know, they had a cross country race at MX Rewind on Friday but this wasn't in the cards for me as I could not get there in time will all the goings on.

In terms of entry fees, a weekend like this certainly adds up. I was expecting this event to cost more than typical.

I do have to give credit to AHRMA and the track owners for the hard work in putting together a rather special event. For me it was worth it and probably not too different to the cost of a beach stay, at least in Maryland, NJ and NY!

Here is the breakdown,
Gate fee for two adults = $80
AHRMA PVMX on Sunday=$60
Promoter VMX =$50 91 (1 moto sat, 1 moto sun)

So that is $190 for me to race and wife to watch.

Then we stayed 3 nights in Hotel = 3*150=$450

So $640 without food, gas for truck and bikes!

Sat AHRMA races ran long so they cut the promoter class from 5 to 3 laps. They also cut all the Sunday AHRMA classes to 3 laps as some rough weather was rolling in. So a fair amount of money for not that many laps.

Still there was a lot more than you typically see. I found the Legends events pretty neat and Guy Cooper and others pulled out the stops in the vintage classes. Here come some more pictures!

It was neat to see what could be done on a Bultaco.

The pits and surrounding areas were like a motorcycle show in and of themselves.

I unexpectedly ran into old friends from years and years ago, that sure was fun!

My wife Renee had a good time too (especially on sunday!). Here she is with Mickey Kessler (King of Englishtown) on left and Sonny Defeo, now 60 (looks great!), on right. Sonny raced for Ghost Motorcycles, his dad Sal's shop, and with support from the CZ factory. I am pretty sure that Sonny won the very 1st motocross event sanctioned by the AMA.

Renee's brother Joe raced free CZ's given to him by the CZ importer on Long Island. Joe rode with Sonny on occasion. Renee also remembered Sonny and Sal from the Bridgehamton days back in the '70s. So fun chit-chat about old times.

But back to your point. If I go to MX Rewind next year I may try for cross country on Friday and AHRMA PVMX on Sunday.

Then I will just relax, chit chat and watch the VMX races on Sat.

Maybe you will be there next year? Maybe we will both do the cross country !


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